The Curse of Von Dutch May Be Our Next True Crime Obsession

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A true crime story from the Netherlands That’s hot!.

Hulu’s new documentary series on true crime, #TheCurseofVonDutch – A Brand to Die for, premiering Nov. 18, follows the unbelievable true story of the rise and fall of the 2000s fashion brand, and the dark secrets within the company—and from the looks of this trailer, there were a lot.

Von Dutch, the Y2K fashion label was a staple in celebrity wardrobes. From Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan to Jay-Z and Usher, the brand’s “trucker caps, jeans [and] jackets [were the celeb] uniform basically,” according to the fashion icon herself, Paris Hilton. But Van Dutch was all private jetsAnd champagne-popping only until “one of the co-founders was charged with first degree murder,” accordingTo one of the series’ interviewees.

The trailer opens up with pink sequined hats, Hilton,And luxury living, but quickly turns bloody as three men claim they are the original creators of the Von Dutch brand.