The Current Season of The Sinner Will Be Its Last

Case closed: Det. Harry Ambrose has finally decided to take his retirement.

USA Network was announced Nov 17th. The SinnerThe current fourth season will be the last. The anthology series has been a fan favorite since its debut in 2017, as audiences have watched Harry (Bill PullmanThe series (). examines the ways and reasons ordinary people can become criminals. An extended series finale is set to air Wednesday, Dec. 1.

In the latest chapter, Harry travels to Hanover Island in northern Maine to recoup after another difficult case. Sonya, Harry’s partner while on vacation with her (Jessica Hecht() He witness a tragic accident involving the daughter from a well-known local family. Orange Is the New Black‘s Alice Kremelberg. Harry offers his assistance in solving the mystery of the woman’s activities. The sleepy tourist spot is now a danger zone—so much for restful vacation. You can talk about punishment and crime.