It was a huge success in the news cycles. Scott DisickHe is getting back into the dating pool.

For the former, it’s been an uphill few months Staying up with the KardashiansStar who separated from Amelia HamlinAfter 11 months of September. In the middle of October Scott found out his ex. Kourtney Kardashian had gotten engaged to Travis Barker after a lavish proposal.

However, Talentless’ founder raised eyebrows when he was spotted in public with ex-employers. Christine BurkeModel and one-day Hana CossAnother occasion.

Scott is said to be interested in several women according to an insider.

“Scott is dating around and getting back out there,” a source exclusively shared with CelebHomes News. His ex Christine was connected through mutual friends. They have been texting, and even hanging out. Now that Scott is single, he’s been connecting with a lot of people from his past and is trying to go out more.”