Nothing is a higher priority than the security of your family, and sometimes you come across situations in your life where the standard solutions seem impossible. Having foundation issues can be one of those issues that convince many to rely on a trusted source to get the outcome they desire. It is quite common in some areas for the foundation to be exposed to damp areas and moisture; If this happens one option for repair is helical anchors to stabilize the structure. Being exposed to wet or moist soil conditions for a long period of time can impact your whole structure negatively if not taken care of.

Contrasting with normal Footings, Drilled Piers, and Driven Pile Foundations, Helical Foundation Systems offer an unbeatable monetary favorable position in establishment, not even counting your cost and labor. The mix of R.J.L.S. Development, Inc.’s aptitude and experience permit your repair to be completed on schedule and within budget. That being the case, the PierTech helical anchors enable homeowners to utilize their effectiveness and convenience and obtain the best foundation solutions easily.

The Helical Anchor:

Modern helical anchors include helical steel plates connected to a steel lance at a controlled pitch. While having several names based on its productive functions, it can be called a screw pile, helical pile, and screw anchor. To assist the structure in stabilizing, this extendable foundation system through its steel plates is installed through rotation into the soil. In order to ensure that it can support the structure from below the ground level entirely, it is manufactured with strong and reliable materials and fitted into the ground firmly.

Using this method, it becomes unnecessary for costly and time consuming excavation, and the complete load is transferred from the steel shaft to the soil constructively. Not only that, but the advanced helical anchors can transfer the load weighing more than 2,000 kN quite realisticaly. Helical Foundation structures add up to the helical anchor lead area, establishment brackets, extensions joined by helices, extension segment, tie back anchors alongside expansions.

Use of Helical Anchors:

While they are famous for recovering and repairing destabilized buildings and structures, they manage to restore the cracked walls, tilted chimneys, and uneven floors. They have been proven vital for several lighthouses, railroads, and telecommunication productions that require effective and efficient installation, taking less time.

PierTech makes two licensed types of docks. Round shaft – best utilized in high pressure situations, and square shaft – best utilized in strained circumstances. They are not only the best in the business but are also produced using the highest quality steel. with a higher force limit than the opposition with predominant parallel quality and dependability.

Here’s why numerous people rely on the PierTech helical anchors:

  • Provides ease of removal and installation to the homeowners and residents.
  • Through its products, it manages to save time since installation is speedy 
  • Can be presented in limited permission domains
  • No restoration visits required
  • Removable for impermanent structures
  • It enables the reduction in the project’s carbon footprint; therefore, environmentally friendly 
  • Financially savvy
  • Since it has little disturbance to soil, it helps in the reduction of the overall transportation costs. 
  • No requirement of carrying the soil from one place to another.
  • The scale of vibration has also been brought down through this modern repairing equipment.
  • The deep foundation solutions are met at the lowest costs possible.
  • It can be installed in any weather condition possible along with its availability in any area, even if restricted.

While many manufacturing jobs are hamstrung by weather, the PierTech device may be utilized in any condition be it rain or freezing temperatures. Because there’s no need to dig, the groundwork can be performed year round, making it a no brainer for owners. If essential structural work needs to be done to the infrastructure, homeowners presently don’t need to risk further harm by postponing it through the winter months for the work to be finished in spring. 

Around the world, helical docks and anchors are being utilized on a huge range of ventures. Helical Applications include shaft bases and correspondence pinnacles, utility and pipeline straps, tiebacks and divider securing, profound establishment wharves for new development, supporting business and private structures, board strolls, bulkheads, ocean dividers, transitory and reusable divider secures, slop adjustment, solid section lifting, and adjustment, shoring, and cement.

The labor saved can be up to 50% through this effective equipment that enables workers and owners to feel secure in the repair procedure. Piertech enables clients to become familiarized with each function of this facilitating tool by providing them with responsive and responsible customer service. By providing updated resources and the highest standards, it promises to take your experience to the next level through its support and best in class warranty..

The agency gives a 75-year restricted warranty. Whether it be rain or sun, safe or unsafe for the crew members, restricted or unrestricted area, if you need your structure to be stabilized, you will get it done right through the PierTech effective solutions. Through its diverse benefits, it facilitates the homeowner in almost every aspect to maintain the framework of their structure reliably.

Since it does not depend solely on man hours, the time, money, and energy is saved as it provides the ideal outcome with minimum damage caused, if any. PierTech has been driving the helical stack industry for the last twenty years.