white ceramic bathtub

For a tiny bathroom, lack of square footage and limited natural light are some of the challenges that one has to contend with when it comes to decorating. With the right design tips, it’s easy to bridge the gap between aesthetics and function. In fact, a small bathroom offers a convenient canvas to experiment with new colors, patterns and trends before heading over to the other rooms. Below are some interesting ways to designing that picture-perfect  bathroom from a dull cramped space to a more enjoyable situation;

  1. INSTALL PROPER LIGHTING. Great lighting is paramount to help one perform various activities. While natural lighting is the best source, it may not be always present especially for tiny bathrooms. For a small space, opt for clear glass instead of doors to avoid blocking natural light. When it comes to artificial lighting, you want the light to hit at the eye level as opposed to being attached to the ceiling. An oversized pendant adds just enough contrast while flooding enough light to the space.
  1. USE A HUGE MIRROR. For a small bathroom, a wall-to-wall mirror is a superb way to create the illusion of space. Rather than just hanging a small mirror over the sink, consider mirroring a whole wall of your tiny bathroom. The reflection of light will illuminate the whole space and will do the same good work as a window does.
  1. GO HAM WITH THE ARTWORK. Regardless of whether you consider yourself artistic or not, showcasing artwork never fails to add some charm to a space. One of the best ways to distract one from the limited space of a tiny bathroom is with a statement piece of art.
  1. BATHROOMS OF THE FUTURE. Modern-day bathrooms are transforming into personalised spas despite the size. Technology has made it easy for one to create a more convenient and relaxing space than ever before. If finances permit, furnish your space with exclusive and original bathrooms by Mohd. This can include seat warmers, adjustable air dryers, automatic lid openers and voice-activated features for lighting and temperatures.
  1. KEEP THE SPACE BRIGHT.An all-white bathroom makes a small space feel airy but rich enough to add warmth and texture to a room. Lighter colors are known to open up a space and give one room to breathe. Pick colors that mesh well with other furnishings in the bathroom noting that various colors create different sensations and feelings.
  1. CHOOSE A FUN WALLPAPER. Decorating a tiny bathroom can be a daunting experience especially if it has no access to natural light. A windowless area makes a space feel moodier and cramped. Wallpapers are a fun and creative way to add some spice to a tiny bathroom.
  1. OPT FOR FLOATING SHELVES.In a small bathroom, a floating shelf is the ultimate space-saver. This shelf is vital for storing essentials like towels, washcloths and toiletries. Neat open storage is perfect for individuals who embody minimalism and give a marvellous look for the bathroom.
  1. ROUND THE VANITY. Structured corners make tight spaces look smaller. If your hips are always getting in the way of the corners of the bathroom, it’s time to opt for a rounded bathroom style. A corner sink across from the toilet seat would also work best to give more room for the traffic flow.