Two car wooden garage

Many people are looking to create more space in their homes, and one of the best ways of doing this is with a garage conversion. Often, people are happy with driveway or street-side parking these days, meaning that this is space that would otherwise go to waste. What is it that you would like to do with your garage conversion? Well, here are a few potential ideas. 

Second Living Room/Chill-Out Room

For some people, the best way of using garage conversions is converting it into a second living room or a chill-out space. This is particularly useful for people who have larger families, or those who regularly like to host and entertain people at home. Bringing in plenty of fabrics will help the room to come to life as garages can be quite hostile environments in terms of their atmosphere. Alternatively, you could make it into a games room with a big TV, some consoles, a ping-pong or pool table, and a fridge of drinks. How good does that sound?

Studio or Workshop 

Another popular use of a garage conversion is to use it in a creative capacity. One of the best ways of doing this is by turning it into an art studio and workshop depending on your skills and interests. Ultimately, the bare floors and walls are not going to be a problem here and can even lend themselves to the kinds of spills that are common in hobbies. You also have the option of bringing in plenty of natural light as well, which can also be enormously beneficial. Another option is to turn it into a music studio – and you may well find that the acoustics are just perfect for this purpose! 

Converted Bedroom

Perhaps you have a teenager who is crying out for a bit of extra space or maybe you are even thinking of bringing in a second rental income by letting out the bedroom to guests. In this case, a bedroom conversion may prove to be the perfect use of this space. One of the main issues here is ensuring that it is all properly heated.

Home Office 

With so many of us working from home these days, perhaps the most practical use of a garage conversion is to turn it into a home office. Again, you will want to ensure that you allow in plenty of natural light, and there may be some issues regarding the heating, but it could be the perfect place where you get away from it all and really focus on the work in front of you.

Kids Playroom

Our final choice for ways that you can use a garage conversion is by turning it into a kids’ playroom, which is perfect if you have a house that is simply overflowing with toys. The bare walls will give you a great opportunity to paint some murals and decorate the place to make it perfect for a child! Plus you won’t have to step over so many toys in the living room.