Based on America’s reluctant prince, Carolyn’s mother, Ann FreemanJohn had been openly question by a friend during the wedding toast if he was right for her.

Anthony, however, tempered the awkwardness with his best man speech. He said, “We all understand why John would marry Carolyn.” She is intelligent, charming and beautiful…What do she see in John?” I have been treated to a lot of teasing, cruel and torturing over the years by a person who has enjoyed playing tricks on me. Carolyn may have found John attractive because of his care, his charm, or his big heart.

Carolyn also became more involved in George, much to the consternation of John’s partner, Michael Berman, who ended up selling his half of the magazine in 1997. Incidentally, Carolyn missed having her own career, but she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do—or could do, thanks to her outsized celebrity—next.

Then, in 1998, John, an adventurous outdoorsman who was always trying to go faster or higher or to somewhere more remote, took up flying—something his mother, when she was alive, had pleaded with him not to do.