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It’s magic in a glass! For years, I suffered from severe folliculitis and tried everything to cure it. I’ve tried everything, but nothing. The worst side effects were severe bumps, stinging, and burning. After just one application, this stuff worked! Although it did not completely remove the bumps and redness after just one use, repeated uses made it completely disappear! “This stuff saves lives!”

To be truthful, I was skeptical that this would work. But it has. Since I have sensitive skin as well as being terrible at human behavior and making decisions, there are a lot of ingrowns. I used this after I shaved a few times, and now my legs are the kind of dolphin-y, feel-my-legs-I-just-shaved smooth that we all wish for in this cold, dark world.”

I’ve tried this product three times, and it worked almost immediately.

After reading a BuzzFeed article about it, I decided to try the product. I am so happy I did. The best way I have found to get rid of razor burn or ingrown hairs is with this product. It worked great for my sensitive skin. It’s definitely something I will order again when it runs out.

It’s incredible. Y’aaalllllll…Let. Me. Tell. You. This product arrived in my mailbox last night. I am already writing five star reviews. With caucasian. Thank youSince 8th grade, shaving my thick brown hair has been a nightmare. My legs are too cold to shave. Also, shaving cream is not allowed (only regular, non-scented soap). Finally, after shave I must pat my skin dry with a towel. I will not use any moisturizer to my skin after shave, even if it’s for 2 days. This is how painful it can be. Razor burn was something that I would have to deal with for the rest of my days, and I learned how to manage it. Not ANYMORCelebHomes The razor burn from my legs has completely disappeared after just one application of the product. It was even applied to my bikini line, which has ugly red bumps as well as ingrowns. It was because of previous products that had caused me anxiety (i.e. It was because moisturizers can cause red rashes. I was nervous. I am free! You don’t have to hide your legs anymore. You guys, I am so excited!”

“I have always been in awe at ladies with silky smooth legs. I have often wondered about what they are doing. Tend Skin has been what I have been looking for! It would have been a decade since I discovered it. I have never felt so smooth in my legs or arms. My husband was even impressed and wanted to know how I do it differently. It’s a great product! I make sure I have enough to last me a while.