Yet another one is left behind! 

Prime Video is the spinoff The BoysAlthough it may be coming soon, its cast members seem to be dropping like flies. Reina HardestyFollowing the departure of the second lead, is officially now the third. Aimee CarreroAnd Shane Paul McGhieDeadline reports.

The spin-off series takes place at the only college in America that is exclusively for young-adult superheroes. According to the outlet, Hardesty’s role has been redeveloped and will be recast.

Then there’s the Brockmire The star of Stars isn’t the only person getting a fresh face. The chilling adventures of Sabrina alum Chance Perdomo would step in for McGhie.

Carrero also resigned the series in March, as it had been previously stated. The consultant, starring Christoph WaltzAnd Nat Wolff.

However, there are still a few super-heroes who plan to attend the university. It is expected to be the series’ most successful. Jaz Sinclair, Lizze BroadwayAnd Maddie Phillips.