“Can someone vacuum before they come?”

You’ve probably heard your parents ask if you will be home for Thanksgiving. This is a time when you are likely to eat turkey, stuff yourself with stuffing and pumpkin pie, and make awkward small talk about family members that you don’t see nearly as often as you visit the dentist.

“It’s unbelievable, it’s taken so much time,” I know. “Yes, I’m still single.” “No. I haven’t viewed.” Yellowstone yet.” We won’t even begin to discuss the moment that politics may be brought up in two or three bottles of wine later.

But 2021 might be a little different due to the coronavirus pandemic, which may prevent some people from spending the holidays with their family members. It’s not hard to believe that Aunt Maureen’s tasty green bean casserole will be missed.

That’s why comfort food is so important. This is not the kind of food you wait to eat, it’s comfort food for your soul, which can only be provided by a television show or movie.