Joey’s meat-sweats are hilarious, but Joey also makes a humorous guest appearance. Brad PittThis is it. We’re going too far. The One With the Rumor” opens with Monica declaring that she will not cook the turkey, as half the gang does not want it. Joey, unhappy about this, changes Monica’s mind by promising to finish the entire bird himself.

Ross’s high school buddy Will Pitt joins Monica, Ross, and Rachel. Will, however, is disappointed to find out that Rachel is there. She was not very kind to him back in high school. During the meal, Will reveals that he and Ross were in the “I Hate Rachel” club and started a rumor that she was an intersexual. Notably, this part of the plot was not well-received. Before Rachel can get fully outraged, Monica reminds her pal that she started a rumor about Ross and the 50-year-old librarian—which wasn’t a rumor, per Ross’ confession.

Despite the jokes, it was very amusing to see Aniston and Pitt being married at that time.