The versatility of tarpaulins is undisputed for ages now. Everyone from farmers to construction contractors and truck drivers all uses heavy-duty tarps for a wide variety of purposes. Even every household may be having at least one of these handy always. Tarps can help protect your valuable merchandise and create enough shading, keep out the grim and dust at construction sites, protect your properties from any environmental harms, prevent any fly-away while transporting products by road, and so on. While considering heavy duty tarps, you have the choice to make them from various materials, colors, and sizes.

While considering tarps, these are classified as light, medium, or heavy-duty based on the material’s strength and resistance to external elements. The definition of heavy-duty may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so you should not simply assume that all that claim to be heavy-duty is the same. While considering buying one, you should have to look for all the details as to what makes it really heavy-duty for your purpose. Here we will explore a few heavy-duty tarp materials to consider.

Canvas tarps

Canvas is the most popular material used to make tarpaulins. Canvas is usually made up of thick cotton, even though you can find silicon-treated canvas material, polyester canvas material, etc. There are many advantages to using canvas tarps as these ensure breathability, durability, and also mildew resistance. These are fully water-resistant and weatherproof too. You can see canvas materials used at the construction sites and at places with heavy windy conditions to protect your delicate surfaces and equipment.

Poly tarps

These tarpaulins are also heavy-duty, made from polyethylene which is a synthetic material. These are lighter than canvas and fully waterproof. In many instances, these are colored on one side and silver color coated on the other. Poly tarps are ideal for ensuring your waterproof protection, which is durable and lightweight. These are also highly cost-effective.

Nylon tarpaulins

Nylon tarps come as strong mesh-weaves, which are well suited to ensure shade rather than blocking the light fully. Nylon tops can be used as very good windscreens, which can diffuse the flow of air as it passes through the mesh. You can often see nylon tops at places like tennis courts or outdoor tents. These are also largely used in horticulture applications where a shade is needed, but the rain and wind need to get through the shield.

PVC tarpaulin

When you are trying to implement a protective covering, which is translucent and clear, it is best to consider PVC tarps. These are also heavy-duty, made of clear waterproof plastic, which is resistant to abrasion and tear. PVC taps are widely used to divide rooms or to provide shelter in outdoor tents. These can break the winds and are also extremely resistant to grease, oil, mildew, and even strong acids.

Once you are sure about the material choice to make in heavy-duty tarps, you may next consider the size, color, and style as these come in many varieties. In any, case make sure that you get an appropriate warranty and after-sales supports on your product.