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Graduating high school students from all over the country celebrate their college and university graduations. You can give a gift to someone you care about as a way of saying “I’m done” and start a new chapter. If you want to give your favorite graduate something thoughtful (and useful), let Kit Keenan guide your shopping. The Bachelor In May 2022, alumnus graduated from New York University.

Entrepreneur shared her essentials with students and recent grads who want to start a routine or improve their self-care. Knack also provided a gift package that she created. This is an excellent gift idea for all occasions and is customizable.

Kit said CelebHomes News, “Knack shoppers can curate gift sets from 600+ products from small businesses, artisans and merchants. Shop By Ethos allows customers to buy items made by women and BIPOC owned companies.

Kit can help you narrow down the options when you are stuck trying to find a practical graduation gift. The conversation also included advice and tips for fellow graduate students.