BachelorAlum Sarah TrottAfter a long battle with ALS, she is grieving the loss her father. 

The former Bachelor Contestant who briefly appeared on Matt James‘season in Jan before leaving the show earlier, was announced on Thursday Oct. 21 that her dad. Thomas Trott, had died on Oct. 15. He was 60. 

“Where do I begin with this guy?” She began an Instagram tribute to him. “I love and miss you deeply. After a hard battle with ALS, last Friday you gave up your jersey. Six years of extra innings, exceeding everyone’s expectations mentally and physically. My father, my mentor, inspiration and loving father. You fought so bravely. It was an absolute honor and privilege to have known you for 25+ years. We are grateful for your humor, dignity, and courage during the most difficult of times. Thank you for teaching me valuable life lessons about resilience, attitude, kindness and compassion.

Sarah reflected on her father’s struggle over the years with ALS, also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or more commonly as Lou Gehrig’s disease. It is characterized by gradual weakness that eventually causes patients to lose their ability to speak, chew, swallow and walk. 

Sarah wrote that despite the fact that you had lost so much due to ALS over the years, you never allowed the disease take your positive spirit out.” “ALS didn’t stop you from being silly, but it didn’t stop you from being witty and wise, and most importantly, you didn’t let it diminish your faith in Jesus Christ. You would tell us that ALS was progressing in difficult times and that you believed your purpose in life was to inspire others.