Lee stated, “It is unfortunate that moms or dads scream every day and nobody listens to them,” and it takes someone with a little bit of status to help. Yes, I lost a son, but I’m not the only one. All of us feel the same pain. We are part of a club that nobody wants to be a part of and we will carry that pain with our lives for the rest.

He also plans on honoring his son’s legacy by opening a rehabilitation center named after him.

He shared that he was working on a rehabilitation center. It will be on the water, on barges, and will be a rehabilitation as well as a vocational center. “It will be able to accommodate 200 patients and when they finish the rehabilitation part of their stay—however long that takes—they will learn a skillset and leave with a vocation. It is just a matter to get the funds. It’s a lot. That’s another matter. These laws should be more easily implemented by lawmakers. Drug addiction should not be a political issue.

“The barge itself,” he said, “will be called The Joshua Lee.”