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Is this really the most dramatic season of all time? The Bachelor? Soon enough, we will know. Clayton EchardSeason ends next week but we still have plenty of season left. a lot This week’s television shows will be aired on not just one but two nights. We start with Women Tell All. Here, the contestants who have been eliminated will be facing each other, and Clayton will help them to sort out their problems.

Clayton then embarks upon Fantasy Suite dates, with his three final ladies. Rachel Recchia, Susie EvansAnd Gabby Windey. As Clayton seeks love, there will be lots of drama. And As we enter the final stretch of the season, there is a lot to love about the style.

We recorded reality TV and took screenshots of every shot so that you didn’t have too. Continue scrolling for more fashion inspiration. If you haven’t seen last week’s fashion breakdown, click here. This will be updated as more fashion information is discovered, so keep checking back for new updates every week.