Out of new homes built in 2019, nearly 19% had a garage big enough for three cars or more. 

Garages can be a useful space, and they’re not just for parking your cars or storing your stuff. Your garage can be a workspace, a hobby room, or even an entertainment center. 

Have you noticed your garage floor needs updating? You need tough, durable flooring that will withstand the weight of your cars driving in and out. 

Wondering what is the best garage flooring option? Keep reading to learn about four garage floor covering ideas. 

1. Floor Mats or Rolls

Floor mats or rolls are budget-friendly options for your garage. You can purchase strong, rubber floor mats and place them in high-traffic areas or where you work. 

You can also get large floor rolls that are made of either rubber or vinyl. You can get a size cut to match the dimensions of your garage if you prefer one large mat on the floor. 

2. Epoxy Coating

If your garage floor needs a major upgrade, consider epoxy paint coating. This is a strong coating that you apply on your garage floor. It protects against spills, stains, chipping, and impact, and it’s also easy to clean.

When applying the coating, make sure your garage floor is clean and free from major cracks. You will probably need to power wash the floor and patch any holes or cracks. 

You’ll also need to make sure the floor is completely dry before applying the coating. 

Instead of the DIY route, you can also have a professional service provider such as garageharmony.com apply the coating for you. 

3. Concrete Sealer

Another option is to cover your garage floor with a concrete coating or sealer. This is a good idea if your concrete is already in good condition but needs a touch-up. It’s also a budget-friendly option. 

A concrete sealer can protect your floor against stains. Make sure the garage floor is clean before you apply the sealer because it won’t cover stains. 

4. Tiles

Floor tiles are another garage flooring idea. Tiles come in many different materials including rubber, vinyl, or plastic. They also come in different patterns and colors. 

You can get tiles that are interlocking, which are easier to install.

There’s even the option of carpet tiles. These are made of tough carpet material. 

Carpet tiles can be a good option if you want more comfortable flooring for your garage as an entertainment den or a place to hang out. 

However, carpet tiles may not be durable enough for major projects like car repairs. Driving your car in and out of the garage every day may also lead to faster wear and tear. 

Choosing the Best Garage Flooring 

The best garage flooring is going to depend on how you use your garage. If your garage is a high-traffic place where a lot of work goes on, you’ll probably need durable, strong garage flooring to protect it. 

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