Erin BradshawWe have some great news for tonight’s new episode of The Bradshaw BunchIt’s so good! Telling her father and siblings Terry BradshawIn this clip you can see her and her husband. Scott Weiss“Have a new addition in the family.”

Terry’s been vocal about wanting more grandchildren, so it’s no surprise that he’s immediately thrilled. Erin doesn’t want to talk about a baby.You can.

Cue Scott has a cute puppy called Tito.

“We came all that way to find a puppy!” Terry laughs and tells Scott before admitting to Erin and Scott that “I will tell you what it is I look forward too: When you invite us over here and say, ‘Bingo. “Have one in the oven.”

They are lucky to bring their dog along, and he is wearing a babybib that reads “Big Brother.” 

Terry isn’t reacting, however. 

Scott confides to Erin that he didn’t understand it.