They say, “If you fail at the first attempt, keep trying, and then try again.” 

The man and the baby are important to a bride-to be. They also need plenty of practice in saying “I do.” In an exclusive sneak peek at the highly anticipated series premiere of TLC’s Love to marry, airing Tuesday, Nov. 16, fans are introduced to AmyWho knows a secret? 

While she lives with her boyfriend Geno may seem picture-perfect, Amy reveals to viewers that she’s kept her past hidden from him. Amy says that Geno had the characteristics I wanted. We moved in together after six months of dating. In just eight months we became pregnant. It was fast.

Her words continued: “I am deeply and deeply in love Geno. However, when you tell someone that I have been married four times before, it’s not a good sign. Geno didn’t know because Geno was too nervous. It’s crazy to share your past with someone you haven’t met yet, especially if it’s been a year or two. It’s now been more than three years since we started this relationship and I haven’t told him my entire past. He was lying to me.”