Terry Bradshaw Grills His Daughter’s Date on The Bradshaw Bunch

Terry BradshawHe is putting his latest love interest, his daughter, to the test. 

The suitor in search Rachel Bradshaw“Sea of Heart” Tonight’s all-new episode features the approval of the NFL legend The Bradshaw Bunch is country singer Matt Stell, and we’ve got a sneak peek of the family dinner that brings them all together. 

“I guarantee you, if I don’t like him, he’s history,” Terry tells his wife Tammy in the preview clip. “Because she understands that I stay out of my love life.” 

ThisIs she staying out of her relationship life? Tammy quips, and soon, Rachel and Matt arrive to dinner. 

Erin BradshawTerry lightens things by making a joke, but the introduction between Matt & Terry goes smoothly. He even pays the singer a compliment during a confessional: “Got a good handshake, which means he’s a good man.” 

Dinner kicks off with trivia as the family is gearing up for an appearance on Celebrity Family FeudMatt isn’t done yet.