Lori Loughlin is covering the costs of two students’ four-year college tuition and expenses, totaling more than $500,000, following her guilty plea in the college admissions scandal, a source confirms to CelebHomes News. 

The actress, 57, and her husband, fashion designer Mossimo GiannulliAfter their involvement in the scheme, 58-year-old Loughlin and her husband, Robert, have been trying to move forward. Loughlin is expected to return to acting in season two of When Hope Calls

The couple’s daughters Olivia Jade22 Bella, 23—whose admissions to the University of Southern California as purported athletic recruits were part of the case—are attempting to move forward as well, with Olivia competing on the current season of Dancing With the Stars.

CelebHomes News was told by a source close Loughlin that they are optimistic about the future and can get their lives back on track. “They are ready to move on and leave this behind.”