New Jersey Desperate Housewife, Teresa Giudice, may not appear to be as desperate on TV. But, behind the scenes, Teresa’s more desperate than never considering that she’s been a very bad girl. Teresa Giudice, along with husband Joe, have been sentenced to the slammer. They’ll be out in due time, maybe even sooner if they behave. So, as a lets-do-this-before-we-become-imprisoned thing, Teresa listed their 10,044 sq ft New Jersey expanse this past Summer for a reported amount of $3.99 million. Now, with just weeks away from her and Joe’s sentencing taking place, she reduced the asking price down to $3.49 mill.

When you commit money fraud, you can get a custom-built home of your own, just like how Teresa and Joe had. You can navigate yourself anywhere within the confines of Giudice residence, and rooms of elegance and the presence of luxurious interiors would still follow. Even the children’s room is practically the size of an apartment! The home comes with everything that you can dream of: marble floors, furnished masterful kitchen, formal dining, fireplaces, game room, meeting room/office, wine cellar, security system, private parking area, and one stationary bike!

Address: 6 Indian Ln, Towaco NJ 07082