Before her big day, fans will get to see Teresa and the rest of the RHONJIn the third season, cast members have sorted out the drama. As teased in the explosive trailer, her brother, Joe Gorga, is seen angrily storming off the set during the reunion. But despite whatever drama comes between the siblings, Teresa said that she will “always be there for him, no matter what.”

“I watch the show and, if something doesn’t appeal to me, I call.” [Joe]He listens to me. She shared that she always told him the same for her. “I’m like, ‘Joe, if I say anything wrong, please, tell me. Let me know because then I’ll make sure I won’t say it next time,’ or, ‘I’ll make it different.'”

Teresa’s relationship with Louie is sure to be another hot conversation topic during the reunion, and she says all she is looking for from her co-stars is respect.

“This isn’t something.” [Louie]For which you signed up. “He met Teresa Giudice. He said, “Does this man want to appear on television? No. No. I mean, of course, otherwise everyone’s gonna be upset with me, like, ‘Why am I not bringing my boyfriend around?'”