Is there more kids in the cards? Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross? The answer is… complicated.

When asked by CelebHomes News if they plan on expanding their family, Ashlee responded, “I think we’re done” while Evan followed up saying, “We’ll see.”


Evan admitted that he doesn’t “have to do all the work” despite being ready for more children. Ashlee chimed in saying, “He is ready for more! I do love being pregnant being a mother but, I’ll let you know if I change my mind.”

The couple welcomed a baby boy in January 2021, Ziggy Bly Ross. This 18-month-old baby is their second child, after the 6-year old daughter. Jagger Ross. Ashlee is also a mother to Bronx Wentz13-year-old, who shares her life with ex Pete Wentz

Ziggy, now more than a year old is starting to say “jibber jabber” and other cute things. Ashlee stated. “He speaks Ross and Jagger.”

The couple exclusively spoke CelebHomes News at Kathy HiltonNational Pet Month kicked off with the Halo Dog Collar. They are actually on two different pages. Ziggy considers Ziggy his “mama dog” and a beloved family member.