Never lose hope

Over many years Teen Mom 2 fans have watched Leah Messer advocate for 12-year-old daughter AliA patient was found to have a rare type of Muscular Dystrophy.

Mother-daughter Duo visited a doctor on March 17. They received great news. Leah says Ali’s doctor has seen “more of an improvement” than any time before in mind and body.

He said that what he saw was remarkable, because it makes her seem stronger. 700+ of her type of #MuscularDystrophy,” she wrote on Instagram. He credited her hard work, love and determination to reach the horseback riding goals she set for herself. Reflex is still the same but strength is better—pulmonary is better—weight and growth chart is better than it has ever been. Even asked for a picture with her. 

Leah expressed her gratitude Dr. TsaoNationwide Children’s Hospital, Ohio. He has been a great mentor and patient throughout his career. Ali was also credited for her positive and fighting spirit.