Although it’s difficult to translate a story into a screenplay, there is no doubt that many of the most successful TV and film adaptations are based on books. However, this doesn’t mean that the show must follow the same story as the book.

Netflix has just released a series called “The Last Man Standing”. A few pieces of her, a bingeworthy thriller that follows a young woman’s (Bella HeathcoteShe is on a quest to find answers regarding her (mother’s) death.Toni Collette) dark past. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Based on Karin Slaughter‘s novel of the same name, the show manages to keep the integrity of the story intact while also introducing new characters, plotlines and most notably, a twist ending that may or may not set the stage for a second season—which Bella exclusively told CelebHomes News she’d “love” to do.” 

She said “Dear God,” and revealed that Karin had “written a sequel already.” 

Toni hopes that the momentum will continue. “I mean, the opportunities [are]The actress confirmed that the finale of the show was definitely planned. The actress said, “It seems very much as if it could go on. But we’ll be watching!”