Last March, Jenelle told CelebHomes News that she and Barbara were “not on speaking terms, and we only speak if we’re picking up Jace or dropping him off.” CelebHomes News was pleasantly surprised to hear Jenelle tell CelebHomes News that she and Barbara had been “not on speaking terms” and added, “She will call me and let me know when Jace’s misbehaving.” [asks]I said, “Can you contact him?” “I do.”

Jenelle spoke about how life at her home is when Jace comes to visit. Her husband was also present. David EasonTheir 5-year old daughter, Daddy Ensley, teaches her son about hunting and “car stuff,” adding, “He’s been changing brakes, changing tires and stuff like that with David. That’s awesome.

Jenelle added that Barbara gets along well with David.