Noah CyrusTikTok is a game that can be enjoyed by all ages.

After a commenter said Noah had “gotten lip injections” but is now “so fake” the “Again” singer shared her thoughts on TikTok.

In the clip, Noah didn’t respond to the fan’s claims but instead lip-synced to audio made by another user, saying, “F—king little tattletale rat!”

Then, she jokingly compiles herself and resumes the voiceover. Noah lip syncs, “Okay. Anyway, you’re also a rodent.” “You’re a scurry, little, f—king, filthy, little like, infested rodent in the back of the class.”

TikTok users united behind Noah through the comment section.

One user commented, “I am dreaming at this clip back an iconn.” A second user commented, saying, “Noah’s in her tiktoker age and frankly, I’m here to it.”

If the July singer isn’t blessing us with her new songs, it is because she is blessing our ears. Noah shared a preview of the album’s debut, entitled, last month.The hardest partThe release of her song “I Burned LA Down” (July 15th)