Does Mr. Mayor have Mrs. Mayor? It’s not exactly…

Ted DansonThe new season of NBC’s comedy hit is about to start a relationship. Mr. MayorPlayed but no other than the sitcom icon Fran Drescher

“She is such a delight to work with, it was wonderful,” Danson told CelebHomes News during an exclusive chat ahead of tonight’s March 15 premiere. “She is so talented and funny!”

Danson suggested that Drescher would be a “lesson about how online dating and messaging and all of its traps” in his episode. Unfortunately, Drescher’s character is “just into one night [stands]As Danson stated, ” 

Co-star of Celebrity Guest Stars: Danson Bobby MoynihanIt was revealed that the second season of Mr. MayorYou will see “lots and lots of really great” stars popping up.

“It is President Barack Obama,” Moynihan deadpanned before adding, “No, just kidding.”

Moynhian said, “That’s the best part of these.” Tina [Fey]And Robert [Carlock]It’s amazing to see all the famous and incredibly talented people step in this new world. That’s what makes it so special.