We never realized we had to have this crossover.

You can also visit Jimmy Kimmy liveSuccession‘s Brian Cox got dolled up in his best checkered shirt and blue jeans to recreate the now iconic Euphoria scene where Cassie, played by Sydney SweeneyA breakdown occurred in the school’s bathroom. Even though the actor, now 75 years old, is known best for his roles in HBO’s OthersHit show SuccessionThis monologue follows closely behind.

Cox declares, his hands resting on his hip. “I love Nate Jacobs. And he loves me. Don’t you love that? 

The actor put his own twist on the speech by bringing his voice to a near whisper as he declared, “You can all judge me if you want but I don’t care. Never, never have I been happier!” 

Then, strangely, he took a bite out of an apple, with an intensity we have never seen.