Dames HandsomeIs the creator of the immensely-popular Fairy Knights children’s book series. His roles include being a father, a husband, and teacher. He loves to inspire young minds. Based on a role-playing game he and his wife created for their young son, Fairy Knights books are ideal for creative adults who want to see the children in their lives explore, have fun, and level-up when they read. 

According to Dames: “I never planned on becoming a children’s author despite my constant work with them in education. It was just a dinner with my family that started my entire series. They had already decided to play an rpg I made for them. It was fun right from the get-go, with my son making this wild character called Ching Goo (friend in Korean) who was him as a fairy, a wise-cracking, funny, and quite spontaneous boy who went to Sheepee Elementary School and who didn’t always think things through so well. Oma Bell was Oma’s mom and this character (Mother Princess), she played the part of the tempering his crazy plans and actions, and bending his creative and spontaneous ideas into actionable steps and accomplishing the heroic work.

What are some of the factors that motivate you to write children’s books?

A narrative you’ve written is adored by your children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews/neighbors/students.

It would be thrilling to see your name printed.

We are looking for autograph signers.

The goal is to quickly make money.

You want your cousin/sister/friend, who is an artist, to depict it.

This page will be helpful if you have answered yes to any of these questions. To save time and frustration, I have written it. It is difficult. NOT. AT. ALL. EASY.

New authors sometimes feel that they can write a narrative in an hour or two, never rewrite it, and yet get an agent and a publishing deal—as if the act of writing alone is enough to get them published.

It does not mean that you will be chosen by the Yankees simply because you’ve hit one single baseball. Random House won’t give you a contract just because you have written one story. Keep hitting the ball, however, and make it go higher and farther… You should also learn about fielding and sliding… You could just make it if you work hard and play seriously for years.

Everybody believes that their first piece of writing will prove to be flawless and will not be rejected. Everyone hopes for the best. However, everyone is mistaken. (This also includes me!) It won’t happen. This is something that has NEVER happened. With the exception Kevin Henkes.

Here are some reasons you should create a children’s book.

You like writing. Writing was your destiny. You can’t help but write.

The inner child in you longs to explore and be free.

If you enjoy children’s literature and want to tell worthwhile stories to it,

Children should be encouraged to read and write.

It is a pleasure to learn from children. You should be able to help them, but not as your sole purpose. Parents, teachers and guardians all count as educators. It is important that books are enjoyable.

It takes a lot to earn a living writing children’s books. It’s clear that you are determined to persevere for the long-term.

Important to remember that fame and wealth have nothing to do with this. A small fraction of writers achieve this feat. Although writers can have many books, they are unable to make a living writing. It is possible for advance payments to take up to six to nine months to reach you, while royalties are often paid after book sales.

The vast majority of people won’t recognize you even if your name is well-known. You will be unable to get a window seat at The Four Seasons on Saturday nights if you are crowded. You’re better to reserve as Doctor Lazar.

For most children’s writers, it takes many years before they get their first book deal. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will sell more books just because one book is sold. Each book you sell becomes harder, especially if the expectations of the publisher are not met.

I’m not pessimistic. I would like to be a realisticist. Books for children are a business. This business is just like every other. It requires dedication, skills, hard work and luck. You may not be able to create a book for children if you do it spontaneously.

In other words: I worked less and earned more in every job I ever had.


Never have I had a job more enjoyable than this one. (Officially, except as a father.

Writing for children doesn’t automatically mean it will be easy. It is actually more difficult to be a children’s author than any other type of author. Because of their high competition, this is a problem. Writing for children seems easy because children are kids. It isn’t true.

Do it because it’s what you love. It’s something you love and couldn’t live without. Your children deserve nothing less.

These are the steps to follow:
Earn a degree in English or Creative Writing.

You should read hundreds of books from your preferred genre of children’s literature (picture books and non-fiction), middle grade novels, graphic novel, YA, and middle grade novels.

Write. Write. Then, write some more.

Find a group of critiquers that is focused on your genre. Picture book authors don’t always know much about YA, or vice versa.

Assist in the formation of SCBWI.

You can attend literary events, such as book fairs and professional kidlit conferences.

Revise. Revise. Write, edit, and then revise again.

Search the Internet for editors and agents.

Make yourself known on social media. Find some fellow writers. Make a group of friends who will help you.

Professional writing journals and books can be purchased.

Send your work in two years. Do not send large quantities of work. Focus on the people who are most interested in what you are doing. Rejections are not uncommon. You can try a smaller number of substitutions or rewrites.

Never surrender. Never stop writing. Success is only for those who persevere in their chosen profession.