As Charlie PuthOne time, the song “I’ll Be There to Save The Day” was sung.

He proved it when, at the age of 30, he gave his most touching advice to TikTok users in response to their video. Axel, who has amassed over 2 million followers on the platform under the account @axelwebber, has been documenting his audition process for Julliard. In Axel’s latest video, the aspiring actor revealed that he ultimately received a rejection letter from the prestigious performing arts school.
Axel received a positive comment on his latest update, and Charlie made his own video to assure him that all will be well. Charlie is a firsthand witness to the whole process.
Charlie wrote in Jan. 10, TikTok, “Hello Axel. I responded to your video but I thought I would also do a message video.” “I was unable to gain admission into Julliard. I also didn’t receive five of the prestigious schools that were important for my future.