Taylor Swift Joe AlwynThe love story of’s continues with sweet gestures

In a rare Instagram Story, the singer expressed her support for her boyfriend on May 15. Time magazine review of the new series Conversations with FriendsThe actor stars in the film. Taylor stated, “Can verify it’s incredible,” adding that “it’s out now.” Hulu premiered it that day.

While Taylor and Joe have kept their relationship largely out of the spotlight since they began dating more than five years ago, she has shown support for him online before.

Taylor enjoyed Joe’s February post about being cast in Conversations with Friends. In December, the singer liked a post the actor shared that contained pics from the set of his movie Noon: The Stars.

Taylor was on-site with Joe a month prior. She has also joined him at film premieres, the 2020 Golden Globes and other celebrity events. The couple has yet to appear together on the red carpet.