“THIS [flame emojis]!!!” ” Ashley LorenThe show’s sparkling diamond Satine is played by a star named. Come join us at @Moulin Rouge The Musical Broadway ASAP  

Aaron shared on his Instagram Story his excitement over Lizzo’s cover by writing “Ohhkkkk@lizzobeeating.” Additionally, he added some clapping Emojis.  

TikTok fans spoke out for us all when they wrote “IM READY FI ZZO’S BROADWAY DUBUT !!!” 

Lizzo isn’t the only one who has expressed her passion for musical theatre on TikTok.  

Recent revelations by her revealed she would have given, well, about. Everything You can attend the Spring Awakening reunion show last November alongside a hilarious video teaching viewers how to perform the dance routine to her latest single.  

Hopefully, it won’t be too long ‘til we see her on stage!