Colombian authorities launched an investigation into death of Foo FightersDrummer Taylor Hawkins.

On Friday, March 25, the legendary rock group announced that Hawkins, 50, had died without naming a cause. On Saturday, March 26, a source at the Colombian attorney general’s office told Reuters that Hawkins’ death is being investigated after he passed away in a hotel room in the capital of Bogota.

The source stated that they have started an investigation into the death of the musician. However, we do not have enough information at this time to provide any details. We will continue to update the investigation as it progresses.

Police vehicles, an ambulance and fans gathered outside the hotel Friday, the Associated Press had reported. Colombian newspapers report that fans gathered outside the hotel Friday. El Tiempo, preliminary reports indicated that Hawkins presented with chest pain and hotel staff called emergency services, but when paramedics arrived, the drummer had already passed away. Forensic lab tests to determine the cause of his passing are pending, the report said.