Craig ConoverTo quote Bravolebrity, it is. Bethenny FrankelYou should mention it all. 

The Southern Charm star’s debut memoir Pillow Talk: My Sewing is Not Working! hits shelves March 29, and as Craig exclusively told CelebHomes News, the book is “an open and honest conversation about how I got to where I am today.” It includes all the difficulties he has faced from his worst moments as a national TV host to his addiction to Adderall.

Craig stated, “It is a strange feeling to be open and vulnerable.” It’ll be fascinating to see how others react. However, I believe it is me speaking the truth and being vulnerable. It feels better than having people criticize me. [rather]More than one story.

He recalled a pivotal moment of facing his addiction in an earlier season of Southern Charm. It was perhaps the sixth season reunion [but]Craig explained that Craig had not spoken to him about this subject before. Craig said, “And then, finally, I was sitting on the stage, and I was like all the questions were being asked, and all the topics that were being raised, and I know the answer to them all was Adderall.”