It’s time to look for another TV show.

It has been more than 10 years. Flip or flip It is ending. Christina Haack announced, sharing the “bittersweet news” on Instagram March 10. “Next Week’s Episode of Flip or flip“Will be the SERIES final,” she wrote captioning a picture of her with the crew. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for having done 10 seasons on a popular show. The pilot was my first filming experience. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be crazy if this ever made it to network TV?” And here we are, a decade later.”

It’s been an amazing ride, to put it mildly. She continued. She continued, “I am excited to see the next 10 year’s plans and can’t wait for you to hear what I have been up to behind the scenes.”

Tarek El MoussaIn an Instagram post, he reflected on renovations and life events captured by HGTV cameras and thanked viewers for their support. He said, “You’ve seen me overcome cancer and you’ve witnessed the children grow into amazing young people and all the rest,” and added, “But, I’m not going nowhere and I can assure you that I will love what’s next.”