Simone AshleyIs available to teach us SexTelevision sets. 

Most of us know Ashley as the Untouchable member Olivia Hanan in Netflix’s The Sex Education. Now she is putting down the books and getting a corset to start season 2 of her Regency-era Regency drama. Bridgerton

We are about to witness Ashley donning Tudor heels as she plays the role of Kate Sharma. However, Ashley spoke candidly on March 10th and explained what the differences were between both shows. 

Bridgerton is hot and sexy and steamy,” the actress told GlamFebruary 10, 2010. “On The Sex EducationThis wasn’t the goal. Our goal was to have 16-year-olds (or adults) in the show experiencing real sex, facing real problems, and dealing with whatever may happen. Bridgerton’sMore romantic than this.

Anthony Bridgerton’s eldest son Kate has a new interest in Kate (Jonathan Bailey), and is the main character of Julia Quinn’s The Viscount Who Lovingly Loved Me, the second book in the fictional series Bridgerton It is founded on.