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Target is always a great place to shop for new collabs. The new collab is something we love, but we can guarantee you that this collection will make you even more excited.

Target just dropped the second Tabitha Brown for Target collection and every single piece is stylish, bold and truly obsession-worthy. The first collection had many cute clothes, but this collection has must-have items for your home.

Tabitha Brown stated in a press release that she grew up as a girl from a small town with big dreams. Target made me feel valued and gave me a place where I was able to be myself. Joy is found in freedom. This allowed me to express myself throughout the entire process. My collections are designed to bring joy, love, and optimism into Target customers’ everyday lives.

The new home collection is sure to bring a smile to your face. The collection includes furniture, home decor (an absolute must-see), and stationery.Stationery and pet items are also available. It’s all so colorful and well-designed that you will want everything. 

The best thing is that most of the items are less than $20 It’s certain to sell quickly with a cute collection and great prices.

Here are some of the most affordable items from Tabitha Brown’s Target Home Collection. These pieces are available for you to see below.