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It’s no secret that we love treasure hunting for great deals, especially in sale sections as good as J.Crew’s. J.Crew has a clearance sale, where 70% extra can be taken off selected styles. With a huge additional discount like that, you just know the deals are doing to be good.

For instance, if you’ve got a beach trip or a pool day planned in the near future, we highly recommend checking out their jaw-dropping discounts on swimwear. This stylish $100 swimsuit was only $13, and this sleek $130 one piece for just $21. Even better, we found bikini bottoms on sale for as little as $3 For your discounted price, simply enter code SHOPSALE when you check out.

Additional 70% discount on swimwear and beach styles With that, you can snag this cute $110 breezy linen beach dress for just $18. This is a great time to shop.

Here are some of the best deals we found from J.Crew’s additional 70% clearance sale. You can find them below.