It turns out that even Hollywood’s top actors will face financial difficulties in 2022. 

This sounds fake but it is true according to Sydney SweeneyIt’s not as lucrative as you might think to be a celebrity on some of the most popular shows. She recently stated that she doesn’t have the income necessary to pay for a 6-month vacation if she wanted. The Hollywood Reporter.“I don’t have any support, no one I can call to to help me pay my bills, or to get assistance.”

The actress, who is nominated for two Emmys for her work in Euphoria The White LotusShe noted that the price of success is not always a financial one. She explained that while established stars get paid, I must give 5 percent my lawyer, 10% to my agents and 3 percent to the business manager. I have to pay my publicist each month. It’s more than my mortgage.

Sydney stated that this was not the case in the past. However, she said that actors are no longer paid the same as they did before, and streamers don’t get residuals.