Crystal was very quiet throughout the entire episode. She even remained silent when Garcelle and Kyle confronted her. Sutton also attended, however she was not bothered. She stated, “I am remaining calm because it is clear that I did not say anything I shouldn’t be ashamed of” or any ‘dark’.

Garcelle was curious to find out exactly what she said. Garcelle explained to Sutton, “I feel that what she alluded too made me feel like this was something which would change our dynamics if you had spoken something insane.” “Watch your back with new friend, that’s all I’m saying.”

Sutton insisted that everyone should forget it all and just move on because Crystal and she have. 

Garcelle said, “You are both great. So that’s amazing.” Garcelle replied, “But what about everyone else you’ve left in the rubble?”

Don’t worry, we won’t stop talking about the subject.

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