Maryanne OketchOfficially SurvivorThe winner of season 42.

After a long and difficult season of voting, the jury chose Maryanne to be the finalist in the May 25 finale. After revealing she had a secret immunity idol, Maryanne secured a vote of 7-1-0, beating out runners up Mike Turner Romeo EscobarLindsay Dolashewich And Jonathan Young They were included in the top five.

While there are many ways to help the Survivor contestants seemingly underestimated her throughout the entire season, Maryanne was confident she was going to come out of the tribal jury a victor, telling Entertainment Weekly“I felt like I was going to win,” he said.

“I felt the momentum shifting,” she said. The clincher for me was when I pulled out the hidden immunity icon. It felt like a climax. Everything is coming together. This is logical. This is what she’s been doing all along. “And I could see the evidence.”

Ultimately, almost everyone on the jury voted for her, save for Jonathan, who gave his vote to Mike.