Sandy beaches and year-round sunny weather attract more than vacationers to Tampa Bay. People of great notoriety call Tampa their home. 

When a celebrity resides in a certain area, they influence how businesses operate. Consumers make purchases based on where celebrities shop and what they buy.

The real estate market also booms because people are fascinated with how celebrities live. The “keeping up with the Joneses” mentality will make people buy homes near celebs to feel rich.

The Sunshine State is where people flock to live it up with the rich and famous. Check out these six famous celebrities who live in or near the beautiful Tampa Bay Area.

1. Hulk Hogan

Yes, the father of the Hulkamaniacs lives in the Tampa Bay area. Retired professional wrestler Hulk Hogan lives in Clearwater.

He moved into a 20,000 square foot Clearwater home in 1992. In 2015 he downsized to a $3.3 million dollar home on Clearwater beach. There is where he lives like a local with his lovely wife. 

2. John Cena

It’s safe to say that wrestlers like sunny beaches and awesome weather. John Cena lives it up in Land O’Lakes, FL, just outside of Tampa.

Outside of pounding opponents in the ring, he also stars in box-office films. Don’t act surprised if you bump shoulders with him in the Ocean Prime area as well. 

3. Tony Dungy

The world loves Tony Dungy because of his gentle but authoritative nature on the sideline. The Tampa Bay area loves him for prepping a once fleeting football for a Super Bowl Ring.

Tony went on to help The Colts win the ring. However, he still lives within driving distance of his old stomping grounds — Raymond James Stadium.

4. John Gruden 

Coach John Gruden came in behind Tony Dungy and took the Bucs to the Super Bowl. To sweeten the deal, he and Tony became great friends and became neighbors.

The two live in the Avila community in Tampa. 

5. Derek Jeter and Matt Geiger 

MLB and NBA fans love The Big Guava as well. That’s because Derek Jeter and Matt Geiger call it home. 

Derek Jeter takes up residence on Davis Island in a 32,000 square foot home. Jeter came to play for the Yankees, fell in love with the city, and never left. The same is true for Matt Geiger. 

Geiger retired from the 76ers in 2001 and moved to the Tampa Bay area. In 2002, he built a 28,000 square foot home in Tarpon Springs, FL. He resides in the area and works as a real estate advisor. You can find out now about the real estate market in Tampa. 

6. Tom Brady

The Superbowl masterclass man himself, Tom Brady, lives in The Tampa Bay area. Tom left the New England Patriots after winning six championships. 

He signed a multimillion-dollar contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2021. This year the Buccaneers made history by winning the Superbowl in their own stadium. 

Tampa Bay Homes: Move to the Sunshine State

Don’t let the sandy shores fool you, Tampa lures in top-tier celebs. If you want to live nears the stars, let your next real estate venture be in the Tampa Bay area. 

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