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It is not easy to prepare for the new semester. There is so much to do (and buy) before a school year even starts. There’s also the dreaded packing for back to college. While you wish to be ready for all situations, you cannot fit everything in a small space. Do not worry if the idea of packing makes you anxious. Suni Lee is here to share her guidance. Olympian is an Auburn University student who loves Amazon shopping and knows how to maximize a limited space.

Suni has teamed up to Amazon in order to share her back–to-college selections. Suni shared the following: CelebHomes News“One of my most favorite parts about college is the ability to create my dorm room and make it my personal. That’s why I’m so excited to team up with Amazon to share my college must-haves in their fun series Dorm Roomz.”

The Dancing With the Stars alum said, “I want to remind students who are gearing up for college this fall that making a small space work for you can be a fun and creative process! So, I worked with Amazon to curate my Dorm Roomz shopping guide to share all my favorites for you to check out too.”

Check out Suni’s gold medal-worthy recommendations for back to college shopping, including a very convincing explanation that proves a cotton candy machine is a dorm room essential.