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This is a thrilling time Summer House fans. We have a brand new season in the works. Finally We got the confirmation we all hoped for: Carl RadkeAnd Lindsay HubbardThey are an officially married couple. They are an official couple after years of friendship and fandom couldn’t be happier. To that end, we will be cheering a Loverboy.

Lindsay stated that this was their first Valentine’s Day together during an Amazon Live session. They talked about their favourite gift suggestions, and Carl 6.0 sweetly commented, “I want her Valentine’s Day.” It’s all I need.”

Although they love Amazon, the two of them came up with some thoughtful and affordable gift ideas that they know your partner will appreciate. They encourage all people to pamper themselves regardless of whether or not they are in a relationship. Um to put it another way, an icon is: Kyle CookeQuote: “Valentine’s Day should have fun.”