Tayla ParxTayla is your new obsession. If she’s not already.

After all, she’s the creative-genius behind so many of your favorite songs—Ariana Grande‘s “Thank U, Next,” John LegendThe song “I’m Ready” was sung by’s. Jennifer Lopez‘s “So Good,” just to name a few—and a self-care guru who is changing the music industry for the better.

Tayla shared her exclusive thoughts with CelebHomes News: “We work in an industry full of creatives but we don’t prioritize taking care.” “It’s not enough to say it’s something. How can I help make it a reality? A new way of looking at self-care and creativity?”

This is where Burnout, her songwriting camp, comes in to play. The retreat, which is held in Nashville between February 7 and 11, focuses on mental health, while encouraging inventiveness. The musician was nominated to win the Album of the Year Grammy in 2022. We divided our day into two sections: play and make. To see how they would react to introducing these creatives into different coping strategies, like sound baths or tai Chi, I was curious to know what that might mean for their music. Is it more natural for them to be in tune with each other?