It’s Vi, as the Italians call it.NoThey didn’t.

The March 28th episode of the ABC series is about to turn chaotic Summer HouseAs a shouting match Ciara MillerAnd Danielle OliveraTurns into a fight over wine and food. Italian model and Co-star Andrea Denver shared behind-the-scenes details on the explosive drama ahead of tonight’s episode.

Andrea shared the funny story with CelebHomes News: “It’s hilarious because I hosted that meal.” It was an Italian dinner I hosted to commemorate the August festivity in Italy. This was my first time not visiting Italy, so I decided to make it a homecoming.

Andrea mentioned the L-word during dinner to ignite lively discussion.

“I thought, ‘Let’s talk about Love.’ “We’re having wine, good food. I am Italian. I love love. I want to hear everyone’s view on love.” he said. “That dinner was very emotional and I started to weep. My head was full of thoughts so I ran outside. Luke [Gulbranson]To support me, to comfort me, and to observe what was going on, he came to me. When the fighting continued, we were both out.