Jessica ChastainWas destined to win an Academy Award.

The premiere of Help in 2011, four of the female cast members have gone on to win an Oscar and Jessica just became the fifth. She spoke backstage about the successes of the cast at the 2022 Oscars and gave credit to the director. Tate Taylor for his ability to recognize talent. She explained that she wasn’t an obvious choice to play the role of Celia Foote. She said, “I wasn’t like her.” It didn’t seem like her. I was not like her. He even fought to get me that part, and it shows how much he respects and admires actresses.

The March 27 ceremony saw the Eyes of Tammy FayeHer first Academy Award was won by actress, more than 10 year after her nomination. Her supporting role in the film “The Help” was her first nomination. Help alongside co-star, Octavia SpencerMini Jackson was portrayed by Alicia, and she won the prize.

Jessica is now able to say that she and Octavia have been married a decade after the fact. Allison Janney, Viola Davis and Emma Stone All Academy Award recipients.