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Our favorite thing about cookie dough is eating it straight out of the package. Most oftenIt’s bad for your health. Deux makes it okay to indulge in some cookie dough, and you won’t feel any guilt. Actually, they encourage it.

As seen on Shark TankFunctional vegan and gluten-free cookie dough company ” has developed a range of healthy flavors that include ashwagandha (elderberry), zinc, pea protein, maca, maca, and other functional ingredients. Not only can you satisfy your sweet tooth with a scoop of Deux, but you can get in essential vitamins at the same time. 

Deux and the well-loved skincare brand collaborated to make a limited edition vanilla birthday cake. The missing ingredient in your beauty regimen. Beauty-forward cookies are the first to be infused with aloe Vera. It is an ingredient that is proven to protect skin from inflammation and keep it hydrated. No matter whether you bake or eat the cookie dough from the jar it is delicious.

Below, we rounded up the limited-edition flavor, which is sure to sell out, as well as our other favorite Deux flavors that we can’t stop and won’t stop treating ourselves to at the slightest inconvenience.